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21-23 June: Property Rights, Economics and Environment: Agriculture & Forestry
International Center for Research on Environmental Issues (ICREI), France Thursday, June 21, 2012

Press Release
Over the course of the last 17 years, the International Center for Research on Environmental Issues (ICREI) and the University of Aix-Marseille has organized a biennial three-day International Conference, addressing the role of property rights and economic tools in the management of different environmental resources. The theme for the 2012 conference is agriculture and forestry.

9th International Conference


Property Rights, Economics and Environment


Theme 2012:


Agriculture & Forestry

Aix-en-Provence, France

21 – 23, June 2012

Organized by :

International Center for Research on Environmental Issues (ICREI)


Faculté d’Economie et de Gestion, Aix-Marseille Université

“Legal and Economic Imagination for the Environment”


Under the Patronage of

Nathalie Kosciusko-Morizet, French Minister of Ecology

Bruno Le Maire, French Minister of Agriculture

Elinor Ostrom, Nobel Prize of Economics

Hernando De Soto, President of the Institute for Liberty and Democracy

Alain Madelin, former Minister of Finance

Luc Guyau, Independent Chairperson of the Council

Véronique Mathieu, Member of European Parliament

Thierry de l’Escaille, President of the European Landowners Organisation



The Issues


Over the course of the last 17 years, the International Center for Research on Environmental  Issues (ICREI) and the University of Aix-Marseille has organized  a biennial  three-day International  Conference,  addressing  the role of property  rights and economic tools in the management of different environmental resources.


The outcomes from the eight previous international conferences have been very encouraging:

  • June 1996 “Property Rights, Economics and Environment: Theory, Ethics and Perspective”
  • July 1998 “Property Rights, Economics and Environment: Water Resources”
  • June 2000 “Property Rights, Economics and Environment: Marine Resources”
  • June 2002 “Property Rights, Economics and Environment: Coastal Zone»
  • June 2004 “Property Rights, Economics and Environment: Wastes”
  • June 2006 “Property Rights, Economics and Environment: Land Resources”
  • June 2008 “Property Rights, Economics and Environment: Air Pollution and Climate Change”
  • June 2010 “Property Rights, Economics and Environment: Biodiversity

Policy makers worldwide recognize that significant further environmental improvements cannot be made at reasonable cost using the approaches upon which we have relied in the past.


“Command-and-Control” regulation may have been effective in the 1970s and 1980s, but the limits of the approach have been reached. Accordingly, we must explore new perspectives and take advantage of successful experiments around the world for Agriculture and Forestry.


The main challenge  is to imagine new political, legal, economic and social institutions that improve environmental and economic performance, protect individual and public  liberty  and prevent the risk of some kind of “Regulatory  Dictatorship” through “Command and Control” that would go out of control…

Adapting property rights and markets is an urgent task of paramount importance if we aim at feeding the world (9 billion expected in 2050) and protect the environment.


For more information, and the conference brochure, please visit here



Draft Program me


Wednesday June 20, 2012


1800 - 1930        Early Registration

2000 - 2130        Optional informal dinner for contributors and staff


Thursday June 21, 2012


0800 0845       Breakfast, Registration and hand-over of folders

0845 0915       Welcome

                           Chancellor Aix Marseille Université

                           Dean  of the Faculty of Economics and  management

                           Managing Director of the ICREI


0915 1100       Plenary Session 1: Diversity and value of property rights worldwide

                           Chairman: Henri Lepage, Institut Turgot

                           Contributors: E. Le Roy, Ph. Billet, Ph. D’Aquino


1100 1130       Coffee Break


1130 1300      Concurrent Sessions

                          Workshop 1: Environmental land use control and easements

                           Chairman: Harvey Jacobs, University of Wisconsin-Madison

                           Contributors: C. Barthod/ T.Lavoux, F. Fouchier, F. Onega Lopez


                           Workshop 2: Environmental regulation and/or property rights and trade

                           Chairman: Robert Nelson, University of Maryland

                           Contributors: A. Poupart, A. Logomasini, Y. d’Hérouville, W. Thurman


1300 – 1400       Lunch at the University Cafeteria

1400 - 1600        Plenary Session 2: Evolution of property rights : China, India, East Europe, USA

                           Chairman: E. Le Roy, University Panthéon-Sorbonne

                           Contributors: R. Nelson, B. Mitra, J. Bennett, L. Bouriaud


1600 1630       Coffee Break


1630 – 1830       Plenary Session 3: Organised by Lincoln Institute of Land Policy : Property Rights, Government Regulation and Conservation Land Trusts

                           Chairman: H. Jacobs, University of Wisconsin-Madison

                           Contributors: A.Carbonell, P. Stein, G. Duvernoy


                           Limiting urban encroachment on agriculture and forestry:

                           Chairman: A. Carbonell, Lincoln Institute

                           Film presentation Portland: quest for the liveable city” (30 m.) Comments: L. Klein, Société des Agriculteurs de France


Friday June 22, 2012


0930 - 1045        Plenary Session 4: Impact of agricultural and forestry land use on water resources and vice versa

                           Chairman: B. Mitra, Liberty Institute (New Delhi)

                           Contributors:  K. Parris, C. Zakine, J. Fiquepron, M. Falque, S. Speelman


1045 – 1115       Coffee Break


1115 1300       Concurrent Sessions

                           Workshop 3: Reconciling productive agriculture with environment, organized by the European Landowners Organisation

                           Chairman: T. de l’Escaille, ELO

                           Contributors: A.-D. Quintart, G. Duke, D. Dupeux/G. Natta, B. Graciet, E. Woodworth


                           Workshop 4: Economic Instruments for conservation

                           Chairman: J. Vert, Ministry of Agriculture

                           Contributors: V. Bellasem, J. Dellaux, E. Fouilleux, A. Langlais, G. Lima


                           Workshop 5: Traditional and innovative legal and economic tools 

                           Chairman: P. D’Aquino, CIRAD

                           Contributors: J.-P. Combes, J. Vendé et al. P . Riera et al., E. Fouilleux, N. Rondeau, V. Doumax


1300 1400       Lunch at the University Cafeteria


1400 1530                                   Plenary Session 5: Imagining new institutions

                           Chairman: Luc Guyau, FAO

                           Contributors: F. Facchini, /P. Garello, H. Lepage / J. Ph Feldman, J. Vert/ L. Roudart, G. Favarel, A. Charlez, T. Ruys


1530 1715              Round table and conclusions

                           Chairman : C. Stoffaes, ICREI

                           T. de l’Escaille, ELO: Consideration of environmental issues in the current and future CAP

                           H. Lamotte, ICREI: General report


1900 - 2030                                               Reception and Cocktail

                           Hosted by the City of Aix-en-Provence and ICREI in the Gardens of Pavillon Vendôme (an 18th Century Folly)


Saturday June 23, 2012


Field trip in the Camargue

in collaboration with Domaine Listel Winery

and Conservatoire du Littoral (National Coastal Land Trust)



Sunday June 24th


Reception-garden party for contributors and sponsors from 5 pm to 10 pm hosted by Max and Ursula Falque at their family estate of La Tuilière (Le Barroux) near Avignon, in the Mont-Ventoux foothills.


Contacts Details


ICREI, Centre d’Analyse Economique Environnement/CERGAM Faculté d’Economie

3, avenue Robert Schuman F.- 13628 Aix en Provence Fax : 33(0) 4 42 59 38 87



Délégué Général /

E-mail : max.falque@wanadoo.fr

Phone : 33(0)4 90 62 48 52 - 06 16 49 24 85



Délégué Général Adjoint

E-mail : valerie.brun@univ-amu.fr

Phone : 33(0) 663913458



Délégué Général Adjoint

E-mail : sofiorucci@yahoo.fr


Emmanuel MARTIN


E-mail : martin.cphr@gmail.com


Virginie DOUMAX


E-mail virginie.doumax@univ.amu.fr

Phone : 33( 0)6 08 87 30 40


Jean-Pierre CHAMOUX

Relations media et protocole E-mail: <chamoux@waika9.com>

Phone 33(0)6 09 32 12 12

This article was published in the International Center for Research on Environmental Issues (ICREI) on Thursday, June 21, 2012. Please read the original article here.
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